Monday, March 22, 2010


Dear Distracted Driver,

After having a nice breakfast out with my sister, cousin and daughter I did not expect to have my life flash before my eyes on the Mile Long Bridge at about noon on Sunday. I wonder what text was so important that you had to be looking down at your phone, cross the center line, OF A BRIDGE, and play chicken with a mini van of screaming folks. Did you hear the honk? Did you see the international gesture of stupdity I flashed at you? I can only hope our anxiety and high blood pressure of nearly dying when you THANK GOD looked up and swerved at the last minute ( remember I can't swerve away from you I'M ON A BRIDGE)was a life lesson for you also. I hope you chose not to text on the way to work this morning. Or I hope you smashed your Jag to pieces and hit a stationary light pole, not another poor unsuspecting family. JERK.

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