Friday, February 26, 2010

Yummy Lunch

So I was out and aboot today over my lunch hour (after getting a sweeeet deal for a double stroller off of craigslist) and couldn't decide where to eat. Then I remembered this new sign I saw and thought I'd check out Burger & Taco Time. I know the title is a little...UNoriginal...but what the heck. Turns out its basically Bbops and Taco Johns under one roof but not a chain PLUS FLOUR TACOS. I love flour tacos. So of course I get that "meal deal" with onion rings (SCORE) and they serve Pepsi (SCORE) and right by the register they have coupons (SCORE). It was a good lunch (but I like my tacos super spicy and this was definately very mild) and cost about $6 without coupon (I didn't need 2 tacos as they are HUGE). Overall I'm very pleased and thought I'd share this new addition to West Des Moines (its between Anytime Fitness and the Club Car). The coupons at the register said ValPak so they should be online for anyone to print off and use.

I'm going to go back to try the Philly sometime....

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