Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

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Thanks to Katie for introducing me to this idea. Even though my husband likely won't read this its nice to put down the good things he does for us. I'll just list five now and then randomly post an update of why he rocks.

1. He never turns on the bedroom light in the morning (even after I've hidden his clean clothes basket somewhere from a house showing the night before).

2. He takes Launa out on date nights to his least favorite place, McDonald's, and lets her play while he sits alone with a thousand kids in the play place.

3. He cooks supper each and every night.

4. He does the majory grocery shopping which I HATE.

5. He endures my need to use coupons and buy the "cheap" stuff whenever possible, even though he can't stand some of the stuff, e.g. Robert's Milk.