Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've had several interviews lately but nobody wants me. There are days I like my job - like yesterday when I was let go at 1pm and I was home trying to nap with Launa by 2. But there are other days I get screamed at for things I have no control over where I think at least I could be at home getting screamed at by my own child right? I have another lead on a different law firm that I'm going to investigate but I really don't know if changing companies will satisfy me. Only time will tell.

We've also really started to become interested in moving lately so that adds about two billion to do things to our list but I am looking forward to some extra space where a play kitchen isn't crammed next to our big screen. Maybe just some change in general would be the meantime I'm here....

Friday Launa and I are going to see Elmo Live with the other daycare kids and their mom's so it should be a good break (although likely a migraine after hearing 1,000 screaming kids at Vets all afternoon). Wish me luck!

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