Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm ready for some change in life. I've applied for a new job, however I'd be fine with not working at all even if that means we struggle a little. I'm just not sure where its headed but looking forward to something changing. I think its becase work is so boring, so slow right now. This other firm is larger, more fast paced, lots of work. More hours. More people to interact with. It sounds way better. I think I want it and its what I need right now. But I'm secretly file with not getting it and getting pregnant and staying home after baby #2. We'll see what life brings....

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Katie said...

Oh, being a sahm is soooo worth it! And it's not as hard financially as you might think - just find what you don't need and cut it out!

....and you should be warned: baby number two adds about 10xs the work!!!