Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY: Tasty Tacos

If you have ever had the joy of driving through Iowa and eating at a Tasty Tacos, trust me, you remember it.  They have fried pillows of heaven folded over beef and beans and some of the spiciest most  delicious salsa on this earth.

My mama has come as close as humanly possible to replicating the tacos without actually working there or marrying into the family.  The salsa is still not reproducible and nothing can ever come close to that party in your mouth. 

Here is the fast version to some yummy tacos: 

-thaw pre package bread dough
Balls from the freezer aisle 

-brown your beef (we don't particularly like beans so we leave them out) 

- roll out individual balls of flour and make each ball into two small tacos

-fill with meat

-fry in a pan of Grease (you may have to flip it over of your grease isn't deep enough)

-line a bread pan with a paper towel, flip the tacos over to drain out the extra goodness 

-top with cheese and Salsa 

And enjoy! 

Mmmm good! 

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