Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review: Anani Salon & Spa - Deep Tissue Foot Massage

One of my best friends is a hair stylist at this Anani Salon & Spa and after some sweet open house deals they were offering I signed up for a new service I've never had before: a deep tissue foot massage (and a facial...okay two new services).  I had such a GREAT experience I wanted to share.

I'm already a fan of Anani.  This wasn't my first visit.  This wasn't my 2nd, 3, 4th, you get it.  I go there for hair.  My stylist, Tina, knows what I like and when I ask for something dramatic and short (and don't really mean it or want it) she doesn't overdo the dramatic and short where I have an all out freakout hair moment. I've NEVER had that with her.  EVER.  In 10 years (man we're getting old).
So - they do hair and they do it good.

I decided to venture over to the spa side this year and have been equally pleased.
I had a facial with Caryn which was heavenly and we chatted up like old pals during the appointment.  She gave me some good skin advice and I purchased a sample sized trial pack of multiple products that I'm still using MONTHS later.  Their skin products are all natural which I prefer for this lovely face.

Yesterday I opted for a deep tissue foot massage.
Or what I may now refer to as: An hour in heaven.
I am kind of a foot freak (hate 'em) so was a bit nervous but other than feeling her walk around your body on the table you couldn't even tell Dee's feet were responsible for massaging away my stressful week and even got rid of a migraine I could feel coming on that afternoon.

Anani is in new location and building so its all very clean and inviting.  Its upscale but not so pricey you are wondering what is worth it.   Dee even offered me $10 off next time if I set another appointment - and you know I can't resist a coupon!

If you haven't been to Anani yet please check them out.
I'm not the only one who is stoked about my time there.  I found this other review online at DexOnline.

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Divya said...

Wow I too wish to get a Deep Tissue Foot massage. I can image how relaxing and rejuvenating it might have been.