Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie Reviews.

Sorry its been so long since some movie reviews but I had some doozies this week the reminded me!

From Prada to Nada

As you can imagine its the tale of two sisters who are rich, father dies, they become poor.  Their entire lives they appear to have hidden or denied their Mexican heritage and then are thrown into it with a relative. Its a predictable story of sisterly bonds, fights, and boyfriends.  And I LOVED IT.

The Cove

A true story documentary about the killing of dolphins in Japan.  It was bloody, gruesome, true and sad.  I suggest you watch it and NEVER eat or buy dolphin products.  Seeing the blood red of the water its just heartbreaking.

Due Date

A business man is trying to get home to his pregnant wife before she gives birth and enlists the  help of a very accident prone man.  Super funny and entertaining.  Rob Lowe is funnier than I thought!

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

I had to watch this about 5 times while the four year old fell asleep every time.  I know way too much about JB.  However, its very boring for your children to watch if they are young.

Waiting for Superman

A documentary on our school system and how one superintended tried to revamp it in her short stint on the school board in one city.  LOVED IT.  I'm in total agreement that no one should have a job based on tenure, only on skills.  In any field, not just education.  This is evidence that we have a lot of teachers out there not willing to do the work but collect the salary.  Teachers actually turned down salaries of $100K+ if they were paid on their students progress rather than tenure.  Watch it!
And a shout out to my great teachers out there - Keep on striving to help the kids!


Another documentary (I must be on a roll lately?) about our fuel and the fuel industry in general.  I paid super close attention and thought this was a great informative movie and went quickly.

Black Swan

This movie is one I wasn't interested in for the topic (not a dance/ballet girl) but with all the hype thought I would check it out.  I found some parts super boring but with the surprise ending it ended up being a stunner to me.

What movies have you seen lately and recommend for me?

Any thoughts on these movies that I haven't expressed or did you find them less entertaining than I did?

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