Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HELP!!! I need good for you/easy to make lunches!

I'm doing my best to eat the healthiest possible breakfasts and lunches since we tend to have kamikaze type dinners at home and so logically most of my calories for the day should be saved for dinner (I KNOW I KNOW it really should be breakfast but this gal likes to sleep as much as possible and getting up an hour earlier to do a homemade healthy meal WON'T happen).

I'm also looking forward to teaching the kids not to be glutenous.


I've been trying to do a meal plan but its kind of hard as I generally do it around the food we already have instead of the grocery buying around the plan.  I buy what's on sale and that's what I eat that week.  I tend to take a lot of the dinners things as leftovers, which is not that great since dinners are the high calorie content meal of the day.

I also work from home two days a week so that makes more intense cooking type breakfasts and lunches possible on those days.  A sneak peak at my yesterday and today for you:

In office work day Tuesday (usually its a home day):

Breakfast: Plum, Water (I usually like to eat more but got busy at work and forgot! SCORE)

Lunch: Lg organic salad w/FatFree Italian dressing & Full Fat Ranch (I mix these to try to use less Ranch.  Sometimes it actually works.), Yoplait yogurt cup, about 5 baby carrots with Ranch Dip (I KNOW but we had to use it from the fridge and being a penny pincher I just couldn't throw this fat laden thing away), Pepsi Max.  (Hey is zero calorie. Improvement)

Dinner:  3 breaded fish patties (larger version of fish sticks), horseradish dipping sauce (better than tartar sauce right?), spaghetti noodles w/EVOO & Parm cheese, 1% milk.

Today (in office)

Breakfast: cottage cheese w/tomatoes & black pepper, finish Pepsi Max.

Lunch: deli chicken & roast beef on wheat w/avocado, tomatoes & squeeze of Mayo.  Grape/strawberry salad, Baked Pita Chips, water.  Its so boring I want to drive to Taco Bell and get something else.

Dinner:  Ask the cook not me!
(Seriously.  I'm not cooking anything.  If its my night we're having chef salads or cereal.)

Office goodies that I am leaving in the fridge in an attempt to eat healthier when wanting a snack: cottage cheese, tomatoes, baby carrots, vanilla wafer cookies (I KNOW! I'm a child!)

So please share.  What works for you? Do you menu plan around groceries or grocery shop around your menu? Please give me an example, recipes anything!

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