Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fitness Day #2

I forgot to give credit as to why I'm now posting my fitness routine.  My fellow blogger Crystal is doing so and has encouraged us to join in her plight.  Check her blog out here.  Crystal is posting on Wednesdays but everywhere I look encourages us to keep a food journal to lose weight and I won't write it down so I'm thinking this will be good for me.  These may be boring posts for you so feel free to skip right over them if you wish.  I will try to make them a little exciting at least!

Today the 3 year old is going to daycare so it ought to be a better day as far as the length and intensity of the workouts, however my diet always seems to be worse when she's gone since I don't have to share my junk food. :) 


P90X Ab Ripper; 15 minutes- this was my first time doing this and OUCH!  And in reality I probably only did 10 minutes with my breaks from ab burn and getting up to prop a bottle up for a 4 week old on several occasions.

Gazelle; 20 minutes


Breakfast:  Raspberry low fat yogurt (200 calories - yes this low fat is not really low calorie-oops will have to pay better attention next time) with fresh strawberries, peaches, black grapes, and water

Snack: Oatmeal Raisin granola bar (90 calories); V8 can (70 calories) -
   *side note** Launa loves V8! I'm thinking cause its in a can similar to a pop can but either way this has    been a great way for me to sneak in some veggies.  I haven't tried it in her sippy cup yet but am thinking she will like it just as well and we may start eliminating a cup of juice a day for a cup of V8 a day. Its hard to get that girl to drink water so anything nutritious that is not juice or milk (she loves milk so much she has double what most kids do probably and it affects her bowels big time) is helpful.


Beef Stroganoff, water
Snack Size 3 Musketeer

Roast with beef gravy, 2 pc bread with olive oil, Parmesan, garlic dip, milk

Snack: banana, fruit snack pack, water

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