Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday errands

Today we slept in ( the kids are truly learning!) and then headed out for errands at noon after we turned off the air. We tried a Greek Gyro place that was okay but no kid friendly items other than the cannoli.

Then we headed to Lowe's for wood for a project Chad is doing in the office. Lowe's ended abruptly when I picked up Charlie and got a handful of poop. ALL OVER MY HANDS. A quick change and outfit throw away on the tailgate and off to WalMart for ice cream. Then a mad dash home before it melts. We decided we must invest in a cooler to keep in the trunk as our freezer bags won't cut it for the frozen items. Our chicken nuggets were almost dethawed last trip by the time we got home.

We came home and napped, ate, then tat up!

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