Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I Told My Husband I was Pregnant

I follow a blog called Mama Notes and she is telling everyone how she told her husband she was pregnant and I thought I'd join in!

#1 Launa -

We had just started to do a major remodel of the house and thought we'd get that done before we started having kids.  My doctor said it might take a year or so since I had been on birth control for so long so I just got off it one day and we let it happen when it happened.  (I must mention we did this once before the remodel, planned a trip to Vegas, and quickly got back on the pill because I didn't want to be THAT girl in Vegas).  So expecting it to happen in 9 months or so it happened in one.  Literally hadn't even ripped out the carpet for the remodel yet.  So the husband was out on his weekly night at pool league with the guys when I took the test.  I thought I was being paranoid and spending too much money on home tests but took it anyway and positive.  So I took two...positive.  I freaked out a little.  Super excited.  I had no one to tell.  Of course I had to tell him first.  I'm kind of a child so this was HORRIBLE.

I put the test in a baggie and left it on the bathroom counter because didn't know when the husband would get home.  He came home late (and tipsy) and went to the bathroom, then to the bedroom carrying the test - what the hell is this? Are you kidding ? Already?  I guess we better get to work on the house.  Great, now we have a deadline...(Thank GOD!....that remodel could have lasted YEARS).  We were happy but had lots to do to get ready so overwhelmed at the same time. 

We decided not to tell anyone for a bit until we got over the "scary" hump....I lasted less than 24 hrs. 

So I spent my entire summer of pregnancy living in a bedroom with the husband and a dog (all other rooms of the house were torn apart), cooking only in a microwave in the uncooled back porch 5x5 area (I sustained on pizza rolls and Gushers), and wearing construction masks ripping out carpet and painting walls.  Super Fun (note sarcasm).  But soo worth it!  Check out that cutie!

#2 - Charlie

I had the Mirena birth control implant for over a year and a half and the doctor told me when we are thinking about trying to get it out a couple of months ahead of time, but I should know that it is out of my system in 30 days.  SHE'S NOT LYIN'!  I swear we only had one sesh of non protection and were pregnant.  FERTILE MERTLE.  So I told the husband I was pregnant.  He just blatantly didn't believe me.  I told him a test was positive.  He said false positive.  Couldn't happen that fast.

We were having Launa's 3rd birthday party and I had to run to the store to get some things and my sister told me to get a test so she could also see how light the positive was and confirm the false positive (no one believed me!).  I took it and she finally believed me!  I put the test in a baggie and into Launa's birthday gift.  We had her announce she was getting a baby for her birthday when she opened it.  It was perfectly cute!

It was a nice comfortable pregnancy and no remodeling...until my colitis set it...which is a whole 'nother story....

Chubby Man Charlie!

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