Friday, June 5, 2009


This weekend is our first garage sale of the year at my sister's where we have been trying to organize a neighborhood wide sale. We have only 7 homes signed up but am hoping that more are going to have sales, just haven't told me or are not on our flyer. I'm hoping to completely sell out of everything and have nothing for next weekend's sale at my mom's house.

I start my new job on Tuesday and am looking forward to it. I'm dreading getting off work so late at 5pm every night but think a change is what I was needing.

We haven't heard anything on the house we've found and LOVE. In the meantime I put up a for sale by owner sign last night and an ad on craigslist today. Hopefully it all comes around at the same time, but if not we'll made do. Its very nerve racking trying to live there and be ready for anyone to come by and take a look. The grass is always a little too long, the flower beds a little too weedy, etc. Oh well I'm sure someone will fall in love with what we've done.

I'm excited lately and its a great feeling.

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