Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthy Eating - YUMO!

I'm in a BIGGEST LOSER challenge at work (as are most folks in January let's face it!) and so am doing my best to CRUSH the 150lb wall that has been firmly placed on my muffin top since having babies.

I've committed to my weekly goal of working out MINIMUM of 4 times a week and have done it so far but the eating is well.....a work in progress.

Today I tried to mimic my friend Kelli's DELICIOSO spinach/strawberry salad without actually having to have any culinary skills and I'll say I did pretty alright.

For roughly 120 calories you get this great lunch.

What was in my bowl?
3 CUPS of spinach (YES THAT MUCH!)
1 oz almonds
Strawberries (and later some grapes I had), about 1/2 cup
1 TBS or so of Trader Joe's Ginger Soy Sesame salad dressing (35 calories per tablespoon so I may just pile it on next time!)

Success? I think yes!

Now on to kickboxing this afternoon for a sweat sesh before the hubby takes the fam out to Mexican and Menards.....oh the exciting life we live.  Off to finish some trim work and ceiling painting before our big open house this weekend!  Are you in the market?  Please buy our house!

Oh is my downfall but I love it so.

I'm sticking with the steak tacos or fajitas with only 2 tortillas.  Sans Pepsi.
Any healthier options you know of?

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