Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Green Book; Chapter 2: entertainment

As a continuation from Last week's post about my LOVE for the new consignment store find, The Green Book, I will give you a couple of helpful hints I read about conserving and saving money as you are out and about on vacation or entertaining yourselves or the fam.

#1: Buy rechargeable batteries for those items that need batteries.  One rechargeable takes the places of 1,000 single use batteries.  ONE THOUSAND.

#2:  Unplug your TV when not in use or when you leave for vacation or extended periods.  THIS ONE AMAZED ME.  The TV still uses 10-15% of its energy when its not on but still plugged in.  TV's alone consist of 10% of your electric bill.  I immediately unplugged the TV in my daughters room when I read this.  She only watches a movie about once a week in there so its going UNPLUGGED for the majority of the time from now on.  Most homes today have more than one TV so unplugging will dramatically cut your electric bill if you adhere to this tip.  Even one TV will make a difference.  In fact, in this house most things are unplugged when not in use.  And YES sometimes we have waited a good 10 minutes for toast then realized that we never plugged it back in so that's why its not popping back up....but this is a rare occasion and its totally worth the savings in my opinion.

#3 -Drink from the tap at restaurants - don't order bottled water.  Tap water is highly regulated now and 60 MILLION water bottles are thrown out in the US alone on a DAILY basis.  60 MILLION. 

Good luck incorporating these tips into your life and saving some money at the same time as helping out the planet!

If you want to read the full book its CHEAP on Amazon.  Buy used and be even more earth friendly and frugal!

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